Other Publications

Scholarly Articles

“From Sovereignty to Imperium: Borders, Frontiers and the Spectrum of Linearity,” Geopolitics (forthcoming) (Link).

“A “21st Century Border”? Cooperative Border Controls in the US & EU after 9/11,” Journal of Borderlands Studies, 31 (2): 2016. (Link).

“A Checkpoint Effect? Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Travel Restrictions in the West Bank,”  American Journal of Political Science, 58 (4): 2014 (with Daphna Canetti and Nancy Hite-Rubin). (Link).

“Right of Way? Defining Freedom of Movement within Democratic Societies,” in Democratic Citizenship and the Free Movement of People, edited by Willem Maas, Martinus Nijhoff Publications (2013). (Link).

 “The Power of Arms: Rethinking Armed Parties and Democratization through the Palestinian Elections,” Democratization 19 (2): 1 – 28, 2012 (with Ellen Lust). (Link).

“The Case for Peace Before Disarmament,” Survival 51 (4): 127-148, 2009 (with Ellen Lust). (Link).

“From Nationalism to Europeanism: Can the HDZ reform itself?,” Problems in Post-Communism 53 (3): 36-43, 2006. (Link).

“The EU in the Balkans: Rotten Carrots?,” Central European Political Science Review 14 (4): 112-125, 2004. (Link).

Other Publications: Journalism, Op-Eds, Letters

“To work, Mideast Peace must first address daily concerns,” Christian Science Monitor, April 28, 2014 (with Daphna Canetti and Nancy Hite). (Link).

“Non-Military Solutions,” New York Times At War Blog, March 16, 2010. (Link).

“For the Palestinians, Disco’s Last Days?,” The International Herald Tribune. Op-Ed, March 22, 2006. (Link).

“After Milosevic: History’s Verdict,” New York Times. Letter, March 14, 2006. (Link).

“Hating the Regime, Fearing Uncle Sam,” Los Angeles Times, Op-Ed, October 27, 2005. (Link).

Media Features & Press Appearances

National Public Radio (NPR), “How Removing Checkpoints Could Make Israel more Secure,” a conversation with Shankar Vedantam, February 12, 2015.

The Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog, “Israeli Checkpoints Fuel Support for Violence,” by Henry Farrell, April 25, 2014.